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Clubs and Associations : Buddhist Association

Our Buddhist Association is the base of ethics and religious activities. We organize various sacrifices and religious activities throughout our Buddhist Association. All students in school are members of this association.

We held "Paritrana Dharma Deshana" and "Sangagatha Dhakshina" every year. Apart from that, we held "Katina Pinkama"

Road of Success

Maliyadeva College Buddhist Association was established in year 1961. However, our first shrine room built in the year 1939. Before that, association called Buddhist Kathakodhaya Association was commenced with the leadership of Ven. Ibbagala Rajamaha Viharadhipathi Nakaththe Anandha Thera and Mr. U. B. Wanninayake. After that, our school was the Head Quarters of Buddhist in this Area. Therefore, Regional Buddhist Association was commenced with the leadership of Maliyadeva College Buddhist Association.

Then our present shrine room and Buddhist Library commenced in 17th of February 2001.

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